Akuamma Seeds: Learn How this African plant can increase stimulation

Akuamma is a seed that people have actually been using for centuries to eliminate pain help with inflammation it’s right alongside that of kratom. In this post, we are gonna cover some of the basics about what akama is and the benefits that it holds and how perhaps it could compared to kratom and how you can implement it into your life of alternative medicine they usually come in powdered form but they are seeds I made a mistake in buying the actual Akuamma seeds and they were huge they’re not seeds like you can just pop back in your mouth and chew like a sunflower seed this is like a legit hard to grind up seed so it’s better to just buy the powder now they’re commonly known to help control pain relieve some of the discomfort that pain causes like relaxes your muscles and works with the same opioid receptors that kratom does but there are so many other benefits as well with akuamma the seeds contain various types of alkaloids which include aquamarine and processing pronouncing this wrong the croma seeds are like natural muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory antioxidant antidiarrheal if you’re already a fan of kratom I think this is one way that you don’t have to rely solely on kratom which it’s not really good to rely on solely on anything so I love finding other holistic or alternative medicine that you can use with other things so you’re not just dependent on one thing Mother Nature provides so much for us even opium and it served its purpose throughout the centuries before medicine came into play.


Akuamma Seeds: Learn How this African plant can increase stimulation, provide mood enhancement, and offer natural pain relief

I love to read Reddit and their research it helps alleviate pain that’s caused by lupus fibromyalgia arthritis migraine and it’s an alternative to opiates and it’s also better because it doesn’t cause withdrawal symptoms kratom can sometimes cause some withdrawal symptoms just like you would with sugar if you were to detox your sugar you would have withdrawal symptoms but if when you stop taking Akuamma there’s pretty much none that exist it’s not as strong as kratom so that would probably play into why it wouldn’t really give you obvious withdrawal symptoms other than your pain returning and all of that obvious given people say two seeds pretty much is all they need to help alleviate one of the symptoms that I I mentioned that it helps and to alleviate so a little goes a long way which is great and it really does target people that actually live with pain and ailments that cause physical discomfort people in Ghana actually call it pickup and it is a natural painkiller and they use it for sore muscles and it’s great for people who are very physically active like triathlons and people who workout bodybuilders it’s just a great natural alternative to relieving those sore muscles and the inflammation and pain.


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