Boosted Brand Kratom Review

Boosted Brand Kratom has been around for over a decade, which might be the reason they didn’t start with a online shop. You can only find their products through different vendors, nearby stores, gas stations, and smoke shops.


The Boosted Kratom brand is recognized as a reputable supplier of quality Kratom, who claim to source their Mitragyna Speciosa powder directly from Southeast Asia. 

They are mostly known as a wholesale supplier, as they have opted to leave behind their Michigan-based online shop to work with various distributors instead, so their products are only available from other online vendors, or retail stores who want to carry their products. 

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Boosted Brand Kratom offers a range of Kratom strains, with a total of 36 products in their lineup, including powders, capsules, and even extracts.

The brand offers 21 curated and distinct Kratom strains including a few like; Green Borneo, Green Malay, Green Vietnam, Green Maeng Da, White Borneo, Red Maeng Da, and White Borneo. 

They also have a few signature products in the line up such as their all-time best-selling product, the Boosted Kratom Trainwreck blend. It includes 11 of there most potent strains mixed into one blend. 

Users reported the consistency and effect of the blend is superior and satisfy even the experience Kratom enthusiasts.

They have three sizes of powder available: 60g, 250g, and 1kg. The capsules come in either 65 or 150 capsules a pack. 

There is no split kilo option available. 

boosted brand kratom


Currently, the brand does not operate any exclusive online shop. You can only find their products on other online vendors websites such as Greenery CBD and Smokey Moe’s Distribution.

Vendors buy Boosted Brand Kratom products and sell their products on their own website or retail store. Prices will vary from vendor to vendor due to this. 


Due to Boosted Kratom’s not having a website, there are no coupons available for direct application during checkout.

However, coupons should be available from online vendors who carry there products. Keep in mind that not all coupon codes are not verified, and may not work. Customers can inquire about coupons by contacting customer support.

The availability of coupons might not be the same for all websites, so it’s important to check out different websites who carry boost kratom.

Most stores also offer special discounts and deals on selected occasions like Black Friday Deals or Holiday special offers. 

If you have served in the military, look for veteran promos. 

boosted brand kratom Reviews


As the brand does not have its own website, the customer reviews online are scattered. 

Buying a product based on only a few customer reviews would be a little iffy.

This might be a red flag for a lot of Kratom users. 

However, Boosted Kratom does have a good reputation on sites like Reddit and kratom Facebook groups. 

Most of them talk highly of the brand, such as how one person stated “This is my go-to choice if I know I’m going to be interacting with colleagues or hitting the club for a night out. It’s my secret weapon if I know I’m going to get locked into a conversation and need that extra level of sociability.”

Overall rating 6 out of 10 stars.


American Kratom Association ensures the fulfillment of GMP guidelines by their affiliated Kratom vendors. 

As of today, Boosted Kratom does not appear to be on the AKA approved list, and there is no record of being on the pending list either.

AKA approval indicates the trustworthiness of a vendor.


Boosted Kratom used to be a more reputable brand, however it has been surpassed by other kratom brands when it comes to quality, pricing, customer service, and transparency. 

Lacking in transparency, and online reviews makes it difficult to ensure that boosted kratom products are as effective and enjoyable as they claim it to be. 


Keeping quality assurance as a priority, Lionize Herbs only sources organic Kratom strains.

In order to meet our customers’ needs, Lionize Herbs strives to provide the absolute best and freshest kratom products. We have a reliable partnership with an experienced group of farmers who have been in the cultivation of Kratom for generations. 

All of our products are lab tested to ensure the highest quality and potency of Kratom. 

Having been rated as the number one upcoming top Kratom company online, we’ll let the reviews speak for themselves. There is no better way to describe it than with a 4.9/5 rating!

Bonus: We offer a 30-day Money Back guarantee for all customers. So you can order risk free! 


  • What is Kratom? 

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tree in the coffee family, indigenous to Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Myanmar.

  • How to identify reliable kratom brands? 

You should always choose brands that provide full transparency about their sources and processing. Look for brands that regularly lab test their products, and have a money back guaranteed to ensure that you are getting the best and safest Kratom available on the market, such as Lionize Herbs. 

  • What is the best kratom strain?

It depends on the results you are after. Your favorite kratom strain may not be the preferred choice for another user. However, the most poplar kratom strain is Green Maeng Da, it is a good overall well balanced strain. 

  • Can I take a higher dose of kratom, than the recommended dosage?

It is better to not take a higher dose than the recommended dose unless you are sure about the effects it may have on you.

  • Can two kratom strains or more be mixed together?

The answer is yes! However, it’s important to understand the individual characteristics of each strain before you blend them together. In this way, you can ensure that the strains you are mixing are compatible for your needs. 

  • What is Lionize Herb’s return policy?

We accept returns for full refunds if you are dissatisfied with your Kratom purchase for any reason. No questions asked! 

  • Are Lionize Herbs products shipped discreetly?

Yes, Lionize Herbs ships all products only with our address on the package or box. 


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