Green Hulu Kratom Powder Review

Have you heard of Borneo? It’s one of the few places left untainted by mankind, the beautiful greenery of Borneo lies the Kapuas River. Along the banks of the river is the only place suitable for the cultivation of the green Hulu kratom; also known as the green Hulu Kapuas kratom.

Due to its unreachable growing area, this is one the rarest kratom variants, and probably the hardest green vein kratom strain to be sourced.

The green Hulu kratom strain is mild and well balanced which makes it very accessible and easy to use. If you are a first time kratom user, you could give this particular strain a try!

Dosage Guide:

Because of its gentle properties, you may opt for 4 to 6 grams per dose. This is a practical dosage amount for general users.

However, it is a rare kratom strain to come across, and you may want to use it only every now and then. Most vendors only sell it seasonal, but check out similar kratom strains below that you can buy as an alternative to the Green Hulu kratom strain.

Similar Strains:

  • Green Malay Kratom- they both produce very similar results, but the green Malay kratom lasts longer.

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Kratom Tips:

If you have a very high tolerance, add a gram or two of Green Hulu to a similar strain to get the best effects.

For kratom beginners, it is always advised to start with a single gram per dose, and work your way up slowly if needed.

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