Green Vietnam Kratom by Kona Kratom

Grown in one of the largest Southeast Asian provinces – Vietnam – the green Vietnam kratom is a widely sought after kratom variant. Vietnam is infamous for its unique climate conditions. It is a place where rainfall prevails all year long, nurturing the plantation and maintaining the evergreen allure of Vietnam.

With the wet climate of the region, combined with the high fertility of the soil, Vietnam has a thriving agricultural sector. Thus, many great kratom variants have originated here. The majority of the kratom strains grown in Vietnam actually is planted near the vicinity of the An Giang province, which is situated close to the mineral-rich Mekong River.

  • This province possesses an ideal level of soil fertility, balanced levels of humidity, and minerals – brought in by the upstream from the Mekong River.
  • The minerals provided by the Mekong River is crucial for the growth of the kratom plants in Vietnam, along with other plantation of course. The minerals nurture the soil from which these luscious plants can healthily sprout.
  • The combination of these various attributes of Vietnam gives the kratom plants distinctive alkaloid characteristics and properties, which enable this particular strain to produce such great results.
  • This is why the green Vietnam kratom strain is crowned as the most powerful green vein variant of kratom.
  • That being said, you might be surprised to know that it took quite a long time for the farmers to uncover the potency of this gem of a plant. However, once they were aware of its potency, its production skyrocketed!
  • Many farmers have started to actively cultivate the green Thai kratom due to how potent it is. This, undoubtedly, has contributed to Vietnam’s position as the biggest kratom exporter.
  • It is now grown in large quantities, and thus, is widely available.


Green Vietnam Strain Offered by Kona Kratom

Green Vietnam Strain is available at Kona Kratom. Kona Kratom offers Free Shipping Over $29.99 . Kona Kratom offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their green Vein Kratom products.


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Green Vietnam Kratom Dosage Guide:

While the green Vietnam kratom variant may not be as powerful as some of the other green vein variants, it is still in best practice to start from a small dosage amount.

Starting from 2 grams per dose, you may gradually increase by a single gram per dose until you achieve your desired results.

However, make sure to wait in between each dose to give the kratom enough time to work its magic.

An amount of 6 grams per dose is common for most green Vietnam kratom users, as that is the amount it usually takes for the kratom to work its way through. You may, however, take up to 8 grams of the green Vietnam kratom, considering that you are experienced enough to handle it, and informed well enough about its dosage quantity.


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