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KratomCaps, based in Maples Valley, Washington started as a family business back in 2009.

They started out by selling only one strain ‘premium bali’ that quickly grew to be their top seller and continues to be so even after expanding their selection. Now the brand has more than 15 kratom strains in its product collection.

With over 12 years of experience in this industry, their products are highly valued by Kratom enthusiasts.

Here is a full review on the online vendor KratomCaps.



  • Quality Kratom
  • 100% Authentic
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Fast Order Processing
  • FREE Shipping just $25+
  • FREE Priority Shipping $100+
  • Kratom Samples are included in every order
  • Over 10 Years of Experience


kratomcaps review


As the name of the brand KratomCaps suggests, their Kratom powder comes in capsules made of Vegetable Cellulose, packed in hard plastic bottles. 

In addition to Red, Green, and White vein Kratom powder capsules, two signature extracts are included in their lineup, both of which are high potency full-strength capsules with 100% Mitragyna.


Their selection consists of 18 Kratom strains, including the two Kratom Extracts:

  •  Maeng Da Premium
  •  Maeng Da Standard
  •  Maeng Da Red
  •  Maeng Da White
  •  Premium Bali
  •  Bali Select
  •  Bali Red
  •  Bali White
  •  Borneo Green
  •  Borneo Red
  •  Borneo White
  •  Sumatra Red
  •  Sumatra White
  •  Thai Green
  •  Thai Red
  •  Wildcraft


  •  UEI Extract
  •  Golden Reserve



Kratom powder capsules are available in sizes: 

1 Oz. / 28gm $21.99 
2 Oz. / 56gm  $39.99 ($20.00/Oz.)
4 Oz. / 112 grams $74.99 ($18.75/Oz.)
6 Oz. / 168 grams $107.99 ($18.00/Oz.)
8 Oz. / 224 grams $137.99 ($17.25/Oz.)
1 Lb. / 448 grams + 1 FREE Oz.  $254.99 ($15.94/Oz.)
2 Lb. / 896 grams + 1 FREE Oz. $489.99 ($15.31/Oz.)

Note: Orders of 1 Lb. and more receive a bonus of 1 Oz. of the same Kratom strain. 

Their Extracts are sold in the following sizes: 

5 grams / 10 Caps $39.99
10 grams / 20 Caps $74.99
20 grams / 40 Caps $139.99
40 grams / 80 Caps $274.99
80 grams / 160 Caps $525.00
160 grams / 320 Caps $999.00

The sizes of each capsule are as follows:

  • Natural Strains – 600mg
  • Extracts – 500mg
  • Enhanced Maeng Da – 400mg



Discounts are available on Kratom Caps website. They also offer free samples with their orders and have shipping perks.

On orders above $35, customers receive free USPS First Class Mail and orders above $100 receive free USPS Priority Mail. 

Furthermore, if you are still not satisfied with the deal, coupons are also available by signing up for their coupon codes and sales newsletter.

Several dedicated websites may also carry a collection of coupons for the site so it’s worth checking them out as well. 

Keep in mind if you find a coupon code on a different website other then theirs it may work, but it is always worth trying.



In stock orders are delivered within 24 hours of receipt or one business day after processing, except for holidays and weekends.

KratomCaps do not ship products on days when the post office is closed like on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Veteran day, etc. 

Orders placed before 2 pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday to Friday, are shipped on the same day while orders placed on Saturday and Sunday are shipped on the next business day. 

All of their shipments are handled by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Their products are also shipped in discreet packages carrying only their address. 

All orders over $35 receive free first-class shipping (arrives in 4-6 days), and orders over $100 receive free priority shipping ((arrives in 2-4 days).

If the total order is below the guaranteed fast shipping threshold, customers can upgrade their shipping process.

Customers with orders below $35 have to pay an additional $4.25 to enjoy First Class shipping, and for orders below $100, they have to pay an additional $5.75.

Note: Credit card orders ship right away after your payment has cleared. E-check verification can take a few days.

In the rare event that their warehouse is affected by severe weather conditions, natural disasters, or power outages, their product shipment might be delayed.



KratomCaps have a set of requirements that allow customers to return their product if they are unsatisfied with it. 

On their website, they have stated that in order to be eligible for a refund, customers must return at least 90% of the product. Returns are only accepted if their customer staff are alerted within 10 days of receiving the order. 

For return instructions, customers must email them.

Make sure to order smaller amounts of any strains that are new to you as for orders of 4oz or more, the returns are only accepted if the item is unopened. 



Customer testimonials are an integral part of KratomCaps’ website. Users of the brand’s products speak highly of their products and also their customer services. 

With their chart-buster Maeng Da Premium being at the top, their selection is very popular among seasoned Kratom users.

Of course, as with any product on the market, there are also reviews sharing disappointment with the product as well. 

Here are some reviews left on the brand’s website: 

  • “Wildcraft is my favorite. You don’t have to pay a lot to get great quality. I highly recommend it!” 
  •  “I was a bit worried about the quality because of the price but just as advertised this is exceptional quality. I love the effect of energy and relaxing well-being, an almost perfect blend.”  
  • Maeng Da premium is outstanding and better than the normal strain. I’ve been using this product for a couple of years with great success”
  • “This stuff from KratomCaps is horrible, weak and very dry. It takes 30 capsules for me to get where I need to be. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or if it is always like this.”



KratomCaps claims that all of their products are tested for heavy metals and undergo a full panel microbial analysis to ensure quality and safety.

The KratomCaps company is not listed as a pending or on current AKA member list as of today.

AKA ensures that its affiliated Kratom vendors comply with GMP guidelines. Vendors with AKA approval are considered trustworthy.



Listed below are all the things we love about the brand and all the things we dislike.


  • All-vegan capsules
  • Affordable prices and Deals
  • Fast Shipping
  • Free samples 
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Preservative free, allergen free, starch free, gluten-free.


  • Lack of Social media presence
  • Lack of Lab Test proof
  • Lack of AKA approval



KratomCaps has been in the business for over a decade now and it has built its reputation positively. In spite of the lack of social media presence, the brand is still loved by many.

The reason behind their long years of perseverance in a now oversaturated industry is their dedication to providing quality products and praise-worthy services. 

Overall KratomCaps comes in at 8 out of 10 stars. Give them a try and find out for yourself. Enjoy!


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