As you are our valuable customer, we’re excited to announce that we’re rebranding. As part of our rebranding strategy, our company name will change from Lion Herbs to Lionize Herbs. This name change is part of our strategy to strengthen our brand by helping our customers identify with our brand in the kratom industry.

We want to stand out in the industry and don’t want customers getting us confused with any other brand that has a similar name. We believe with this new name change we will be easier to identify and be a well known recognizable trusted brand around the nation. 

What’s Next:

What this means for our existing customers is that it’s business as usual, the same quality kratom, same staff, and the same awesome coupons. You will just now shop at

Thank you!

We’d like to take some time and thank our loyal customers for your support. We have some exciting plans in the works for 2022.

Happy New Year! Wishing all the best to you and your family!

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