Guide – Mix different kratom strains of the same vein color

If you are loyal to a particular vein color when it comes to kratom, and prefer purchasing different kratom strains of the same vein color, then this ideal for you.

As mentioned previously, the potency of your kratom product is likely to reduce over time, or your tolerance towards your favorite kratom strain may increase due to your body’s adaptability to it.

So, in such cases, if you are looking to increase the potency of your kratom product, without increasing your dosage, then mixing two kratom strains of the same vein color is the way to go.

The different alkaloid concentration levels of each of the kratom strains will help you curate a highly potent kratom while staying true to its effects.

This way you will be able to achieve the effects of a highly potent kratom variant without having to take high doses.

Below are some of the strains that mesh perfectly together and create a highly potent kratom blend:

Red vein Sumatra & Red vein Borneo

Both of these strains are highly sought after by kratom aficionados, especially Red Borneo.

So, if you favor the red vein kratom strains over the other variants of kratom then this might just be the perfect blend for you!

Both of these strains are grown under humid climates, in regions with fertile soil which helps to enrich these kratom plants with a high alkaloid concentration.

However, over time, the effects of these strains may become subdued from being shelved for a long period of time, or due to your body’s adaptability towards the kratom strains.

Instead of resorting to taking higher doses of these potent, alkaloid-rich, kratom strains, try creating a blend between the two. This will provide you with a kratom variant with an even higher level of potency, due to the mixing of the alkaloids present in each of the singular kratom powders.

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Green vein Malay & Green vein Indo

If you prefer green strains, then this is the blend for you to experiment with!

A lot of the Malay kratom users favor the red vein and white vein Malay kratom over the green vein Malay. This is because they tend to disregard this strain as a weaker compeer.

While it may not be as impactful as the red vein and white vein Malay kratom, it still packs a punch, and is a favorite among many kratom users as well.

On the other hand, the less popular green vein Indo kratom can be considered as an underdog in the kratom industry.

Considering how popular the red vein and white vein Indo kratom are, the green vein Indo kratom is comparatively less favored.

But, it is grown in the country of Indonesia which is practically kratom heaven! It harbors a plethora of kratom variants with large fan bases.

Blending these two underrated kratom strains will help you achieve a kratom blend that is perfectly potent, and well balanced in its effects. The combination of the alkaloids from each of these strains will work to create a blend that is much higher in potency, but not overwhelming either.

It really is a win-win situation here. So, if you prefer green vein kratom strains then do give this blend a try.

White vein Thai and White vein Maeng Da

Oh my god! What can we even say about this awesome blend?

Are you biased towards white vein kratom strains? If yes, then this is the perfect blend for you.

Both of these kratom strains have originated from Thailand so they have very similar properties, and both are extremely impactful in their own regards!

And if by chance one of these strains just happen to be a favorite for you, then that’s all the more reason for you to put your lab coat on, and begin curating your own blend!

These strains are already potent in nature. So, when mixed together, they work to enhance that level of potency even further by bringing to the table their own set of properties.

Both of these strains have varied effects based on the amount of dosage you take. Higher doses create results that may replicate the effects given off by red vein kratom, whereas at lower doses, they tend to give off an outcome similar to caffeine.

So, if you prefer to take higher doses of your white vein kratom powders, then this is the blend for you. You will be able to achieve similar results, with a lower dosage.

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