Mixing different vein colors of the same Kratom Strains

You already know that the veins of the kratom leaves determine the outcomes that you might receive from the end product. Having in-depth knowledge regarding the role that the color of the leaf veins plays in producing the end results, will help you concoct your perfect mix.

If you are cloudy on that piece of information, then you may scroll up to the Vein Colors portion of this article, under the heading “Kratom Variations”. We have provided an in-depth guide on the properties of different vein colors.

While the end product itself does not contain the veins, the color of the veins plays a major part in the type of results you are likely to achieve. Before the drying process of the leaves begins, the veins are extracted from the leaves. This is because most of the alkaloid concentrations reside on the leaf blades or the lamina.


Now here is what will likely happen if you mix different vein colors:


White vein and green vein

The white vein kratom leaves are known to produce caffeine-like effects, whereas, the green vein kratom leaves are typically an amalgamation of the white vein and red vein kratom.

Therefore, if you mix these 2 together, then the effects of the white vein kratom may become more subdued.

No, we do not mean that it will become less effective. We mean that it will produce similar results to those that you achieve by taking the white vein kratom in higher doses.

Now, because of this blend, the potency level will increase, which means that you will now require lower doses to achieve the effects that you have been longing for.

For example, one of the strongest strains of kratom, the Maeng Da strain can be used for this experiment. White Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains of kratom, and the strongest white strain kratom available.

Therefore, mixing it in with the green Maeng Da strain will help you to achieve your desired results, with smaller doses.


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Green vein and red vein-

As you already know, red vein kratom variants come from the most mature leaves, as indicated by the color of the vein. The rich red color comes from the high alkaloid concentrations present in the kratom leaves, compared to the other, less mature leaves.

Therefore, the effects you get from using the red vein kratom can sometimes be very intense. It may cause a little inconvenience if used in the middle of the day when you have places to be, and things to check off your list.

So, this is when the green vein kratom comes into play. It helps to minimize the acute effects of the red vein strain. This is because green vein kratom variants also possess some of the properties of the white vein kratom variants.

Thus, it helps to counteract the heavy effects given off by the red strain and provides you with a pleasant outcome.

For example, while the red Borneo kratom is considered to be a highly potent red vein kratom, the green Borneo kratom is less robust in comparison.

Therefore, when these two strains of kratom are blended together, you will be able to achieve the results you have been seeking.


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Red vein and white vein

Well, this one might be a little obvious. A red vein and white vein concoction will give you a blended mixture that will echo the effects attained by a green vein kratom strain.

This is because the green vein kratom strain can be deduced as a hybrid strain of the red and white vein kratom. Plucked midway through the maturity cycle, the green vein kratom leaves inherit the properties of both of its red vein and white vein counterparts.

Therefore, the analgesic effects from the red vein kratom strain will be neutralized by the caffeine-like effects exuded by the white vein kratom strain.

For example, if you mix the potent red Thai kratom with the powerful white Thai kratom, you will be able to achieve a blend that closely mirrors the green vein Thai kratom strain.

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