List of all the commonly found Kratom Strains

Here are a few kratom strains you may want to know about:

  • Malay Kratom – Due to the climate in Malaysia being ideal place for a kratom plantation, many different kratom strains are harvested here. Green Malay kratom vein is the most popular kratom strain that is processed in Malaysia.

Malay kratom also has a high concentration of alkaloids making it one of the most potent kratom strains available on the market. The effects are long lasting as well.

  • Sumatra kratom – Is harvested from, as the name suggests, the Sumatra island located in Indonesia.

Red vein and White vein kratom leaves are commonly grown on this island, however Green vein kratom is very difficult to source from the island of Sumatra, but not impossible which is why Green Sumatra is a unique, and rare kratom strain.

Overall all of the Sumatra kratom will be strong, and more suitable for experienced kratom users.

  • Maeng Da Kratom – Is one of the most popular kratom strains, mainly sourced from Thailand. Although it can also be found in Indonesia and Malaysia, Maeng Da kratom strains usually are higher quality then other kratom strains due to Thailand’s climate being more ideal for growing kratom trees.

Maeng Da strains can be found in various colored veins – red vein, green vein, and white vein.

Maeng Da usually is very potent making it one of the strongest kratom strains available. A small dosage around 1-2g is recommended, especially if you are new to trying kratom.

  • Borneo Kratom – Is one of the largest islands in the world and is located along the borders of Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

The climate and rich soil of Borneo create the perfect growing conditions for kratom. Which is why Borneo kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains, whether it is red vein, green vein, white vein, or even yellow vein this kratom strain will always be a customer favorite.

  • Indo Kratom – Is short for Indonesia. Different strains of Indo kratom can be sourced; All possessing different levels of potency and effects.

There are 2 main types of Indo kratom:

  1. Premium Indo Kratom- The word “premium” indicates its production process. The premium Indo kratom powder is derived from the leaves after the stems and veins have been carefully removed.

The leaves themselves carry most of the potency due to the high levels of alkaloids present. This makes it one of the most concentrated kratom strains compared to other strains.

  1. Enhanced Indo Kratom- As the title suggests, “enhanced” Indo kratom is derived by boiling the dried and processed leaves to squeeze out the maximum potency.

This exaggerates the levels of alkaloids even further, making this kratom strain stronger than most other strains. Keep in mind, it is not suitable for beginners, and should not be used regularly.

  • Ketapang Kratom – Native to the West Kalimantan region of Borneo Island, the Ketapang kratom strain is a sweet-earthy scented kratom strain that is increasingly growing in popularity.

The wet and damp climate of Indonesia allows the kratom leaves to be enriched in high alkaloid concentrations. The Ketapang kratom strain can be found in a variety of colors – red, green, and white.

It is not as widely available in the USA as of yet. However, it possesses numerous characteristics which make this strain an underdog to other kratom strains.

But with a fresh aromatic scent and smooth taste, this kratom strain does not fail to satisfy. Additionally, it is also very potent and produces fast results. But don’t let that intimidate you. It is said to be the perfect kratom strain to be used both during the day and perfect before bed.

  • Riau Kratom – If you are a experienced kratom consumer, it is highly likely that you have come across the Riau kratom strain. This fairly new strain is native to the Sumatra Island in Indonesia, has been creating waves in the western botanical industry.

Grown in Sumatra Island’s rainforests, the Riau strain has a distinctly sweet, and pleasant taste that sets it apart from the rest. The tropical climate of this part of Sumatra is the only location suitable for growing this strain, making it very rare.

It comes in red vein, green vein, white vein, yellow vein, and even gold vein!

It is completely grown organically, the kratom leaves are set under the sun for a limited time for the drying process. After, they are processed into powders, using modern techniques.

So what sets the Riau strain apart from the rest of the kratom strains? Unlike the other strains of kratom, Riau kratom inhabits a sweet and encapsulating taste and aroma. This allows the kratom users to easily differentiate the Riau kratom strain from the other strains.

  • Thai Kratom – Undoubtedly one of the popular kratom strains, Thai kratom is grown in Thailand.

The lower concentration of alkaloids in the Thai kratom strain makes it very user friendly for beginners.

  • Vietnam Kratom – A recent find among Vietnam farmers, it has managed to slither its way into the kratom world as another popular kratom strains.

Vietnam, being a tropical country has a damp and humid climate which is ideal for growing kratom strains. The Mekong River of Vietnam also supports the growth of kratom by supplying it with minerals.

These factors produce a unique blend of alkaloid characteristics for the Vietnam strain which gives users distinct results and effects.

The Vietnam kratom strain can be found in red vein, green vein, yellow vein, and white vein. However, out of those green vein kratom is the most widely used.

  • Bali Kratom – As the name itself suggests, the Bali kratom strain is grown in Bali, Indonesia. However, some kratom farmers also tend to mix Sumatra kratom strain with the Borneo kratom strain to concoct the Bali kratom strain.

The Bali kratom strain can be found in red vein, green vein, and white vein. Red Bali kratom being the most popular of the three. It is milder in nature which allows this to be a very user friendly kratom strain.

  • Jongkong Kratom – The growing popularity of kratom has led to kratom farmers venturing into new areas to discover new strains of kratom. That is what brought about the inception of the Jongkong kratom strain.

The rich soil and tropical climate of the Jongkong forests in Indonesia produces a very distinct strain of kratom that is both rich in its flavor and potent.

Due to the ideal growing conditions of the region, the farmers are able to harvest the Jongkong kratom strain in red vein, green vein, and white vein.

  • Hulu Kapuas Kratom- The Hulu Kapuas kratom variant is one of the most controversial variants out there. Is it even a real strain? Is it a scam? These are the most common questions asked. If you had the same questions about the Hulu Kapuas strain, then here is the tea!

Yes, the Hulu Kapuas strain is real! It is grown on the Kapuas Hulu regency which resides in the center of Borneo, Indonesia, and then into the south of China. While a lot of the producers claim this particular strain to be rare to find and unique in quality, it is considered to be just another marketing ploy.

Avid kratom users may be able to vouch that the Hulu Kapuas kratom strain is similar, if not identical, to the Indo kratom strain.

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