Red Dragon Kratom by Kona Kratom

The red Dragon kratom gives out a wide range of results for its users, depending on the dosage level. It creates a medley of effects that range from one side of the kratom pool to the other.

At lower doses, it can give off calmer results, like most red vein variants. At higher doses, it may produce some intense, caffeine-like effects, similar to the white vein kratom variants.

It is mainly grown in Thailand, however, some speculate that it might have also originated from Malaysia. The climate in these Southeast Asian countries provides the perfect growing conditions for this kratom variant, for most kratom variants actually.



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Red Dragon Kratom offered by Kona Kratom

This strain is available at Kona Kratom. This kratom strain is high in alkaloids and their product is lab tested. Kona Kratom offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their red vein kratom products.


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