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Along with the white Vietnam strain, the white horn kratom is one of the rarest strains of kratom on the market. It is due to the far flung location of the white horn kratom plant, as well as the low number of farmers growing this strain.

Even though it is a fairly new strain compared to the other white vein kratom variants, its unique properties have contributed to collecting a large fan base already. However, the supply of the white horn kratom is unfortunately scant.

As you might already know by now, the “horn” kratom variant derives its name from the unique shape of its leaves, rather than the location it originates from. The leaves of this kratom tree have jagged edges, in contrast to the more common kratom leaves with smooth edges.

White horn kratom users have also reported that the taste and aroma of the white horn kratom strain are quite distinct from the rest. The pleasant, smooth taste coupled with the sweet aroma of the white horn kratom definitely works in its favor.


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Grown in the secluded jungles of Borneo, Indonesia, this kratom strain is very hard to find. It is because the region it is grown in is very hard to reach and the population density is very low. Only a few farmers have access to the white horn kratom tree, and therefore, the supply of the strain is very scarce.

Adding to that, the horn kratom tree itself is very hard to find. Only a handful of farmers have access to this uncommon kratom tree.

The white horn kratom can have varied characteristics and outcomes depending on your choice of sellers. This is due to a couple of factors.

The process of drying the leaves, then grinding them into powder form, varies from one farmer to the other. Now, it is likely that all the vendors will have the same supplier, right? Thus, the source of the vendor plays a role in the quality of the end product that is being sold.

On top of that, some vendors tend to mix in non-horned variants in order to increase the quantity. While the effects you may receive from such a mixture may be similar to the white horn kratom in its purest powder form, the lack of authenticity will most definitely affect the outcome you receive from its usage.

Therefore, it is important to conduct some background research regarding a vendor you are seeking to purchase the white horn kratom from.

While the white vein kratom strains can sometimes be dominated by their more popular counterparts, namely the red vein strains, the white horn kratom is a tough contender to beat. Its high level of potency is unmatched.


White Horn Kratom Kona Kratom

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White Horn Kratom Dosage Guide: 

The white horn kratom variant is very potent in nature. Not only that, but it also has very long lasting effects. Even a small dose can sometimes last up to 5 to 6 hours.

Thus, small doses are always advised as a starting point. You may take 1.5 grams to 2 grams of the white horn kratom powder for a single dose. This is likely to give you a light boost.

However, you can increase your dosage to 3 to 5 grams depending on your tolerance and the effects you seek to achieve. This is the ideal dose for most white horn users as it provides full effects of the white horn kratom.

Although we do strongly advise taking a higher dose than 5 grams, some users tend to take 8 grams per dose. These users are usually very experienced with kratom, especially the white horn kratom, and have built up quite a tolerance to it.

Nevertheless, as this kratom variant is so rare to come by, we suggest you take it in smaller quantities, every now and then, so you can savor it for longer and relish in its unique outcome.



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