White Maeng Da Review, Effects, Dosage

Unquestionably, the white Maeng Da kratom is the most powerful and potent white vein strain, and one of the most impactful strains on the kratom market.

Its origins lie in Thailand, where the climate and growing conditions are the best suited for the cultivation of the white Maeng Da strain. Nowadays, it can also be sourced from other parts of Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

The humidity and the fertile soil of these tropical countries provide the best conditions for the kratom strain to thrive in. But, the highest quality of white Maeng Da kratom can be sourced from Thailand as the country provides the most ideal environment for the strain.

An interesting fact to note is that Maeng Da in Thai actually directly translates to “pimp grade”. It also refers to a specific type of water bug that can be found in Thailand. So, unlike the other strains of kratom that are typically named after their origins, or derived their names from the shape of their kratom leaves, this unique variant derives its name from something else entirely.

Another compelling fact about the Maeng Da strain is that it is actually a genetically modified strain. Some skilled farmers combined the Thai kratom plant with the Indo kratom plant to create a completely fresh, highly potent kratom variant that we now know as the Maeng Da kratom variant.


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The process through which they could successfully combine the two plants is known as grafting. This procedure involves meshing together 2 or more plants together so they can grow as a single plant. Farmers take the bud of one plant and conjoin it with the stock of another plant to create a hybrid plant species.

The effects of the genetic modification have led to a kratom variant that is highly potent due to its complex alkaloid profile. The presence of mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, speciogynine, speciociliatine, and paynantheine allows the Maeng Da variant to produce intense effects, which are highly sought after by the kratom aficionados.

Many white Maeng Da users have reported that the aroma exuded by this strain closely resembles the pleasant aroma of coffee. Considering that they are from the same plant family, it is not much of a surprise.

Dosage Guide:

Keep in mind that the white Maeng Da is typically the most potent white vein kratom variant. It also provides immediate effects, within 15 minutes even!

Therefore, it is better to start off with a lower dose than you would have taken for the other white vein strains. For example, if your starting dosage contained 2 grams of kratom powder, it is safer to take a single gram of kratom powder for your first time trying out the white Maeng Da kratom.

If you have a high tolerance to kratom, or you have grown a high tolerance to the white Maeng Da, then you may proceed to take about 3 grams of the kratom powder. For highly experienced users, a moderate dose of 5 grams should suffice as the strain is very impactful.

Similar Strains:

  • White Thai Kratom- considering that the Thai kratom is one of the parent strains of the white Maeng Da, and it grows in the same region, this might just be the best alternative for the white Maeng Da. However, the white Maeng Da strain is much more potent.

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